Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

Academic Autonomy is an opportunity and a responsibility in the context of a widely-held impression that the Indian system of undergraduate education emphasizes rote learning. In fact, an internal evaluation also concluded that many of our institutions in the country churn out unemployable graduates.

Mr. Adi Godrej told a few years ago, that there is no unemployment in India but there is a growing number of the unemployable. Our demographic advantage could become a nightmare,

If our students don’t pick up the skills of analysis and critical thinking, of application of principles and creative problem-solving – all the memorization and reproduction they may achieve in College will be in vain in the global culture and economy.

This has called for innovative methods of teaching in order to construct new knowledge in the classroom. It has also called for evaluation methods that are more demanding both on teacher and student. It has led to a renewed emphasis on research for faculty and to initiating a taste for research among students. The monitoring of this process by Heads of Departments and by Academic Administrators, in order to encourage good practices and to evaluate their effectiveness, gives hope of a renewal of academic culture on campus.

The cultural aspect has always been a strong-point of our College and it has an acknowledged role in moulding the personality, teaching soft-skills, developing leadership and management abilities and strengthening the EQ. However if left optional, to the initiative of those inclined, many do not take the plunge. Extra-Curricular Credits for every student, monitored and encouraged by faculty and a group of students themselves.Participation in sports and other cultural activities has now become universal, contributing to an all-round formation – so much needed in our world.

Finally, we look to our alumni for inspiration and support and we find wonderful examples for our students to emulate. Excellence can be provoked, nourished and encouraged to bloom. Our faculty and students remain focused on a quality of education that will result in competence, conscience and compassionate commitment as our way of life!