Economics Department

The Department of Economics of Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith started initially with the General Course of Study at the UG level in 1973. Honours course in Economics has been introduced with Science Faculty at the UG level in 2006. Both Science and Arts students have the opportunity to take Economics as honours subject.

At present, the Department has two permanent and dedicated teachers in its faculty against two sanctioned posts. They offer their best for over-all enrichment of academic ambiance of the Departmental. The teachers of Economics Dept. also take environmental studies classes of BA/BSc 3rd year students every year. The philosophy of our Department is to create a student centered model of teaching and learning and to encourage interactive teaching and active learning.

FACULTY (Economics Department)

Prof. Nityananda Patra,  M.A., M.Phil, pursuing Ph.D under B.U., Assistant Professor of Economics
Sri Sandip Kumar De, M.A., Part-time Teacher
Sri Shubhendu Chel, M.A., Part-time Teacher